There’s a reason why beauty experts and professionals can’t get enough of styling products that protect the hair while providing structure and shape, because when it comes to styling, many of us over style our hair, damaging our asset and in turn find it harder to maintain that look we love. Healthy styling is about balance and the use of quality products.

In a nutshell, the most infamous sign of overprocessed hair has little to do with how it looks and is more about how you can’t get it to look – it seems unruly, uncontrollable, frizzy or lacklustre mostly because its damaged from over styling and over processing. Overprocessed hair will require more maintenance long-term – something none of us have time for.

On the same note, many of us forget that our styling products can do more than keep your style in place.  Read on to find out how to protect your hair and avoid over styling and over stressing the hair.


A thermal protection spray, not only protects your hair from heat damage, it’s a great foundation for any style and reduces the chance of both general and environmental damage.

The combination of restoring ingredients like Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera and Coconut Extract in ANTI Styling Spray not only help you blow dry and work in your style that extra bit faster but also protects and restores the hair’s moisture levels at the same time.  The Polymer Complex in ANTI Styling Spray features a blend of flexible styling polymers that offer long-lasting hold, volume and curl retention with natural motion. These durable polymers perform even in high humidity retaining shape memory, reducing frizz and flyaways.


Put your tools down and go on a styling strike a few times a week if possible. A few days sans styling gives your hair a chance to restore. Whack a deep conditioner or leave-in treatment on the in-between days to restore the defence barrier and moisture in the hair. But if a few days seems difficult, try to adjust how you use heat tools on your hair every other day and try to keep the settings on low-to-medium if possible with your style. Too much heat can damage your hair. Leave-in’s that are great for off days contain ingredients like Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, Macadamia Seed Extract, Moringa Leaf Extract and Sunflower Seed – just some of the wonder ingredients in ANTI Everything Cream and Everything Spray to ensure healthier, longer lasting styling.


Some recommend you not to use long-lasting hold styling products because they damage the hair, but with a good quality styling spray you can maintain your style, without the brittle-ness and damage and the benefits are tenfold. A good quality spray can also be used in conjunction with leave in conditioners, once you set the foundation of the style.  A lot of the damage occurs from combing your hair after using high hold styling products - it can cause hair breakage and loss, so it’s important to wash out styling products and not over-distress the hair through brushing. Add a leave-in conditioner every time you wash your hair to ensure its even better protected for your more defined styling days.


Heat protection sprays work a bit like a physical sunscreen on the face and not every product is the same. It’s surprising how similar the hair and skin behaves – would you apply a high alcohol content to your delicate skin barrier? Probably not.

So you know how zinc acts like a barrier between your sun and skin? The ingredients in heat protectors do the same thing for your hair. They form a protective barrier over the cuticle of the hair strand, which protects it from the heat of your hair tools. Many styling protects are high in silicones for protection rather than essential oils, natural ingredients and moisturisers, so it’s important to look for one like ANTI Styling Spray, that’s highly moisturising.



Silicones in products simply mask the symptoms by coating the hair, rather than improving its health. It’s becoming a huge problem with colourists having colour complications after hair has been exposed to products with too much silicone, it can actually do the opposite and cause the hair to severely break. If you have hair damage, you may notice many split ends and patches of dry and oiliness – it’s important top equalize the porosity of hair with a high quality foundation Styling Spray. Damage can also can give your hair an ‘uneven’ appearance causing you to over style it to make it behave more evenly, but the ongoing effects can be highly damaging. The same goes for the use of chemicals and colours – hair needs special care considering its more susceptible to damage after chemical treatments. ANTI Styling Spray contains highly concentrated ingredients as well as Panthenol –  a Pro Vitamin B5 derivative, penetrates into the hair to improve its ability to regulate moisture content, thus increasing its resistance to damage and brittleness.

Remember, styling products are your friend – even if not a regular user of heat tools, they are perfect for a bit of root lift and protection while you’re out doing your thing. Good hair days start with the ultimate Styling Spray. Gone are the days of that hard hairspray keeping your style in check, modern products and polymers are much smarter and better for your overall health.

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